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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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lahore take up close look on the left hand side of your screen. this video was taken at a gas station just up the hill from the gas line that exploded. keep your eye on the black pride jackdaw. it just comes flying
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from the left side across the screen. the pleas officer and i were talking about that they say the place department are going rows searching for objects like that because they are wondering what is that? perhaps that may hold clues to why this gas line exploded. he also told me some of the homes on this side have wet mud. perhaps this is an ankle they are looking at. we don't know that this caused the gas line to explode. but some of them had met wet mud. maybe a water line caused that was ground to shift and that may cause the explosion. so many angles to talk about. people who are back in their homes were talking to. there are homes that are green tag the lights are off because they are still sleeping
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but when they get up we will get reactions from them. right now we are half a mile from where the gas line exploded. >> now we have audio of the emergency communication the day that the san bruno fire started. >> we are headed norris on expressway. there is a large fire. 50 ft. flames in the air. we are entering the marsh going down 1 01. san carlos border. but a 50 ft. slammed. >> there is a plane down we're getting multiple calls. >> multiple houses to break. we
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have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. you will have to start hitting this from the south side of the main fireball. >> we are on seen to vehicles involved on the shoulder. >> set up from the south of the fire there's a lot of heat to the north. >> >> we have a house on fire. >> i'm sure this is part of this fire alarm. i'm on see now i will give you further when i get there. >> it is incredible to hear them how calm and how coordinated they are. we do have four different segments of the various calls and responders
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talking we will play those through the morning for you. you can take a listen on our web site at kron 4 dot com. >> i run staying uc grad student sarah has been released from prison after more than a year. the 32 year-old together with two other americans were arrested by security forces near the border with northern iraq in july 2009. the other two americans shame they have been accused of spying. >> 6 06 a.m. the live look from the bay bridge. everybody is trying to get in early which is nice. we will get some sunshine today. >> temperature is warming up today also getting some fog the london this morning right around the bay area starting to fill in along the coast all the way down to morgan hill and right on
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through much of the north bay and the east bay as well. we will see the fog shrouded in the area but could burn off quicker than we saw yesterday. current temperatures 58 in through oakland still chilly napa 49 degrees upper 50s bound to mount view and san jose as well as the '70s right for the north bay 74 bellay held up for 74 fairfield getting up to 81 in antioch, livermore down into los gatos as well. los '70s around the bay. we have a star system moving into the picture friday night. rain to the north of us really starting to gain a bit of what impact as we head toward her saturday morning we could see showers cells worked down into the peninsula. chance of rain saturday an inch your sunday. your 7 day around the bay shows a warming trend the next couple of days and then the storm moves
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in by the weekend >> a bridge checks we have not discovered any problems or hot spots transmute the bay bridge westbound still pretty light here though in the next 20 minutes they are likely to activate the meter lights and we will see back up for the west bound ride san mateo bridge no problems you can see the commute looks good no delays coming over from hayward on highway 92 looks good. 101 southbound moving well this morning even through marin county no delays. we are keeping our eye on interstate 580 in the westbound direction there was an early morning report of a stall and even though was not blocking lanes it could be getting enough interest to grade debt early back up. >> we will be back as the kron news returns after a
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67 a.m. all the company through san jose on the right-hand side the commute starting early still darker out there and still chilly this morning weill warm to 76 later this afternoon in san jose right now it's 57. >> santa clara based intel says they will invest $30 million in four different software developers. they provide cloud computing. bailout accessing software over the web instead of computers. a fourth company makes software for mobile weather and high death. watching the market is waiting for wall street opened stocks will open lower this morning despite yesterday's 80 point gain. dow up 81 yesterday. retail sales actually posted better than
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expected gain for august up 4.3% that is the best gain in five months. the government reports on july business inventories and economists expect to show an increase some of the biggest names in business say the outlook of the economy is good. a double-dip recession is unlikely. >> we will be back with more a couple
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the utility company is launching a $100 million fund for victims of last week's gas pipeline explosion. pg&e announced that the money was to help victims meet their day-to- day needs and would come with
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"no strings attached." of they're trying to her what caused the blast. 81 year-old elizabeth torres is the fourth victim who died in the explosion >> a community meeting words they heard from officials and had a chance pass from questions k. thompson has more >> in san bruno investigators and officials trying to answer more questions there was another meeting held on monday evening. we have learned the mud is on site in san bruno and has done their initial investigation which could lead to federal dollars coming in if san bruno is declared a disaster site. there were questions about people's homes and whether they wanted to rebuild. pete ginny
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is entertaining all kinds of ideas like buying homes that to people did not want to rebuild. pg&e saying monday evening it took them 1 hour 45 minutes to shut off the gas and it was too dangerous they could not get to the golf. other people say was a mile and a half a mile away from the site. >> 6:18 a.m. we want a look at the weather. >> covered per starting to warm up a bit today a shot of san mateo bridge getting pudgy father this morning out there not as much as we saw yesterday of 52 degrees for san mateo currently as we head towards noon we get into the upper 60s and we should reach 74 high today. low 60s by 8:00 p.m. fog trucker in showing us a lot of fog around the bay area late.
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you can see it through december no gap in three san jose pushing into livermore valley this morning. by 6:00 hour the fog continues to face that the out there same goes for 7-8:00 as we had tortured 10:00, 11:00 hour it will pull back continuing to see shrouding the peninsula and the state. by the afternoon it should burn off and we will see sunshine today that will allow us to warm up. current temperatures 58 through oakland, cooler in napa, down in mount view and san jose upper 50s as we make our way to the afternoon your afternoon i should be in the '70s today. getting close to the 80 degree mark in fairfield and concord 81 for antioch and livermore. down into los gatos '80s as well. cooler around the bay 72 for redwood city, same for hayward,
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68 in oakland. your 7 day around the bay shows a warming trend the next couple of days then a chance of showers kicks than by the weekend. storm system dropping from the north of us could bring showers from the peninsula north toward. >> there was a stall on interstate 580 westbound it has been cleared not only from the lanes but also from the shoulder. no longer any activity out there. a bridge check on the westbound ride for the bay bridge you can see the traffic conditions are still pretty good we probably are minutes away from the meter and lights being activated so far not yet. we see no back up for delayed for the westbound bay bridge records from here to the san mateo bridge already getting heavy air south on the right side of your screen fifth taillights are those westbound. it is moving well no problems across the bridge. the ride
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through the golden gate bridge looks good through marin county and across the span no problems or fog on the deck for lanes already available in the southbound new direction. let show you interstate 80 is we pick up our camera in albany looking at the s curve which was a parking lot yesterday during the peak hours of the commute. so far much easier ride there was a report of the hit and run accident in san pablo and the westbound direction but not blocking any lanes or slowing the traffic at all. >> two suspectstwo suspects pleaded not guilty monday to murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting of a virginia man in downtown oakland two months ago. george huggins, 24, and his girlfriend, 33-year-old althea housley, are charged in connection with the thought death of 45-year-old jinghong kang, who was visiting the bay area for a job interview at google. he was killed at about 11:30 p.m. on july 18 during an apparent robbery as he walked with a friend to his car.oakland police said huggins and housley allegedly took $17 from him during the robbery.huggins and housley, are scheduled to return to alameda county superior court on nov. 1 for a pretrial hearing.
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>> 6:21 a.m. are rumors sickout would start today and last until friday but according to the agency spokesperson it is our right now if it happens they are prepared to deal with the the union representing the operators say there is a flyer that may be circulated out there there's no way it is sanctioned by the union if it is out there. san francisco is working on working on a ban for selling cigarettes in a pharmacy. they agreed unanimous unanimously to send the vote to ban. in may the first city to prohibit pharmacies from selling cigarettes and other tobacco products. >> good news for public schools the students continue to make progress academically despite all the budget cuts to education the state department saying 46 percent of schools
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reach that target score of 800 out of a thousand. that's not bad when you consider its up from 36% from last year the achievement gap is narrowing slightly but the news not all good few are grade schools are reaching the targets which are set hire every year. complete details on our web site at kron 4. >> 623 right now will be back in a couple of minutes. hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things
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we are getting word of a boating accident near richmond. what >> happened> this morning at 0548 there was some a date call the vessel reported they struck the north side of the. for
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people on board one person was ejected and injured during the strike on the bridge veered walls. we contacted aerostation san francisco and launch boats to respond. to good samaritans also responded we were able to get on scene and trends for for people on to their response ". and transfer them to the hospitals. >> that's all within the 30-40 minutes a lot of action in the darkness. was that difficult? >> search and rescue is always more difficult at night. the actual response did not take some more than 25 minutes actually. >> what kind of vessel was it? >> 25 ft. pleasure craft. >> it's 5:00 a.m. is that unusual? >> for this area there are a lot
6:28 am
of people going fishing during the nighttime or trying to get out before daybreak >> or these all >> adults> >> the roof for adults> so everybody's find everybody's account for? the injuries everybody's okay? >> all the people were transferred. >> they are in road to the hospital now. >> to know what kinds of injuries in might have? >> negative ma'am. >> what hospital are they being taken >> >> that will be determined by the emergency services. >> think you very much we will hopuf.11e:uu more affirmation for you this is still fresh you heard the coast guard talking
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about a rescue they did off of richmond this morning. >> we will be back as the news continues looks like a down day for wall street.
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opening bell ringing s seconds ago the dow is down 9.3 now bigger losses in pre-market trading as far as futures were concerned. then we had retail sales, out better than expected it is down a few points right now. the investigation into sam bruno gas line explosion has ruled out one cause for thursday's blast. pipes laid under the gas line did not contribute. they are looking at documents visiting monitoring sites, and looking at valves that have been preserved for evidence they are also conducting interviews. seismic
6:32 am
records are being taxed to determine whether quake activity could have expected that gas line. will tran is live near the scene in sambar know which more. good morning this is still a crime scene that's why use the command center behind me there are plenty of police officers coming and going. they're making sure the public does not get closer than this. down the hall from where i am it is still busy scene trying to reach store telephone and cable service. they did manage to reach store power in that neighborhood. as far as the cause there are many others they have to look into. this is video we got from a gas station. look at the last left hand of your screen there will be a projectile coming off of the screen right there the last black project up. i spoke with
6:33 am
the police officer they are investigating that. they hope to find that peace because according to police officer that happened to quickly after the gas explosion. it's not like something hot inside a home or the area that it was probably something related to the gas explosion itself. they will see our the area that shows the object. they are going around doing investigation including asking people who are now back at their homes if they find any pieces of pipe turn it over to them. i'm here to get the human element. i spoke with the police officer in the neighborhood he lives there he had just left his house went through the neighborhood about 30 seconds later the gas line exploded. six or seven minutes when he could not get ahold of his daughter who was home at the time. she
6:34 am
thought he died because he went through the intersection she thought that he died because he couldn't get ahold of her. they have a plan to meet down the road at the grocery store instead in his rush he is trying to get back to his house as quickly as possible but the flames were in his way some way he manages to get back 56 minutes later he gets all of his daughter. i can tell you darya well he was telling me the story he started getting choked up and said i don't care about getting a promotion over time to get my kids into college as soon as i heard her voice. it doesn't even matter. he doesn't care about his home was damaged on the outside. but from that moment on began a new perspective. after he drives into the frames where she at the grocery store like the plan.
6:35 am
>> because she thought hate that we have a game plan you were supposed to go to the grocery store but at that moment forget about the years he spent as a place officer he is the dad. he's trying to get back to his house and he gets caught in the wall of flame. >> i think it's funny that the cop didn't do the plan but the daughter dead. >> he's laughing about it now but at that moment it was chaos. he said it was along this five- six minutes of his life. >> we will continue to get more from all this morning. >> we have audio of emergency communication between dispatch and appeared >> if appears we have flames' multiple structures on fire. we have a fireball coming out.
6:36 am
(inaudible) >> stop your engines we have no water. stop here in june we have no water in the hydrant. >> we think we have a broken water main. we have to get water from san bruno ave. >> we have a senior care homes six occupants to caretaker's that may need rescue. >> we will have to do a lot in forssmann alert we need to get fleeced to assist in the evacuation. >> we hear some explosions right now. >> sambar not the new setup medical triage at that point. >> truck 51 we are still waiting
6:37 am
for water. if you could bring >> this water> we have an active hydrant at claremont. we have a patient was severe third degree burns we will require an ambulance at that location. >> you can listen to up all the audio on our web site. you'll find continuing coverage including is essential links. >> we are looking at a nice warmup today as we head into the afternoon temperatures back up into the 80s today the sun starting to rise seeing some fog this morning some patchy father out there all ready expecting to burn off worker than yesterday. slight chance of rain moving into the picture this weekend. your father trucker giving you an idea of where the fog is you can see its stock into the north
6:38 am
bay and the peninsula through dec. no gap down to san jose and portions of morgan hill today. 6:00 a.m. we will see the fog thickened up today and by 8:00 a.m. nine. we will see low cloud cover the picture appeared starting to recede back by the 11:00 are burning off and leaving the sunshine. tempters right now in the '50s 54 for san francisco as we head into the afternoon back into the '70s. upper '70s for fairfield and concord 6237 francisco and down into the south bay temperatures 81 los gatos livermore's well that 7 day around bay shows a slight chance of showers for the weekend. 6:38 a.m. be right back.
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an explosion in april aboard the oil rig allowed to under million gallons of oil to seep into the water. they found packages of oil to inches thick on the seafloor they believed it is from the bp leak. >> california high-speed rail projects san jose city council
6:43 am
will debate whether tunnel project would be better for the city appeared staff is recommending above ground track. but opponents say an elevated track will be too noisy and the tunnel has not been studied enough. they want to give san jose authority to approve or reject any above ground real plane otherwise he will request a steady. >> we will
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ginny. the president of pg & e says the utility company is launching a $100 million fund for victims of last week's gas pipeline explosion. pg&e announced that the money was to help victims meet their day-to- day needs and would come with "no strings attached." investigators are still trying to determine what caused the blast. elizabeth torres is the
6:47 am
fourth victim who died in the explosion. >> it launched its 28 ft. section of pipe about a hundred feet from underground right onto the street. this is video of the blown out pipe after was packed up now is going to washington. it will be investigated is too early to say whether was corroded. they have ordered pg&e to inspect all of their gas lines appeared >> hear you can see a giant section of the pipeline before investigators remove dead. we have learnt the pipeline that ruptured was inspected recently in march. this is what they said about the pike. >> it was walked by in employee looking for the presence of gas. we used the air patrols to find indication of gas. >> aerial inspections they used
6:48 am
they look for dying but just patient it was looked at for corrosion in november they could not tell us the results of those inspections. >> that is part of the investigation and i cannot share the findings of that assessment. >> they are asking the company to inspect all of its 5,000 mi. of pipelines there will be a focus on high pressure pipe lines in high populated areas like sambar know. the big question is will those inspections be similar to the ones in the past? they couldn't say what these inspections will look like. >> we inspector pipeline annually so we will work with national transportation safety board and find out when what time frame were looking at. >> to see all of the video since thursday go to our web site.
6:49 am
>> at 648 this morning it's going to be a day warmer than what we saw yesterday temperatures starting to warm up forecast conditions once again low cloud cover and place in should burn off quicker than which saw yesterday currently at 54 degrees by noon getting to 60 high temperature of 62 degrees so that similar to yesterday the upper 50s by the o'clock hour. a look outside right now the fog is starting to fill in much of the north bay. through dec. no doubt down into san jose this morning your current temperature sitting in the '50s 54 in severance this bill finally at of the 40's rid of the 50 hayward is well and down in to mountain view. 56 percent his eye. into the afternoon '70s and the north bay 75 from napa obverse '70s close 80 in
6:50 am
fairfield and concord 81 in antioch and livermore down to los gatos as well '70s through redwood city mountain view and also in to hayward as well. slight chance of rain moving into pitcher friday check out this model it shows us saturday vestar system to the south of us bring showers to the north bay saturday afternoon then moving along the peninsula. downtown san francisco could get some sprinkles as we head through the weekend and seeing left over rain drops in your sunday as well. your 7 day around the bay shows warmer temperatures getting up to 83 thursday. '70s around the bay of once again '60s for the coast. here's your morning commute with george. >> the commute is right on track the lights were activated and once they were activated we saw the back up here. slows from
6:51 am
the east parking lot and this 880 approach still uneasy one. plenty of space here the toll plaza the meter and lights are still being cycle that a pretty good rate. we don't have any problems are hot spots around the bay area the commute at the san mateo bridge is actually gotten better in the last 20 minutes this westbound ride just a bit lighter now less volume and still no problems reported here or on the approach in fact 92 at 880 has not backed up yet. golden gate bridge ride is a good one so as a truck to a through marin county no delays between 37 and central san rafael that is this was commute. when no ones to wait to 80 moving smoothly double-a-1 from downtown san jose up toward santa clara moving without delay. drive time of 12 minutes out of the coyote valley. 6:51
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a.m. we will take a break we will be back with more of our top stories when we return.
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or go online. taking a look at the 7 day around de forecast. the close is going to be soft and then called the vrieses picking up on one's differently thursday will be the warmest clearest they probably have a quiet calm day inland big changes this week and slight chance of rain moving in saturday in the north bay. >> the latest on wall street stocks opens lower after report on the expectation of germany forecast wall street was tempered by an upbeat retail sales. they are of four tenths of 4% second straight month of increase. you can see the dow
6:56 am
coming off of its early lows. s&p also down but only by four. we are getting word santa clara base intel will invest $30 million in four different software developers these companies provide cloud commuting capabilities. you so you can access your information anywhere in the world. those are high interest to intel. the fourth company is for chips for mobile technology doing. that is wall street. we are climbing our way back another update shortly. >> americans thought wall street was the same place. there is a survey that says three out of five people say the market's recent swings have left them
6:57 am
less confident about buying and selling stocks. 55 percent say market is only fair to some investors feared that may explain why people are taking your money out of stocks. >> suspicion of the you i am interested assist the resisting arrest. kathleen neville was arrested but not before she ran off and had to be tackled to the ground. he saw the 53 year-old car weaving and drifting off their road. the belt go live now federal appeals court has reaffirmed its ruling that investigators he illegally seized baseball players who tested positive for steroids. 11 judge panel ordered investigators to return that list. of 100 for ballplayers to the lab. it would bar them to
6:58 am
use the players to expand its sports doping >> investigation. the > >> this fire has been grown. sheriff's department is advising residents to be prepared to leave. it is 10 percent contained some roads and portions of the kern river has been closed. >> we will be back with more a moment.
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